A little boy, his Gimmie and name calling

Had supper at Pizza Delight with the grandson and daughter. I had eaten shortly before so I went along for the ride and oh what a ride it was. Justin and I can not be together for any length of time without laughing and tonight was no exception. The difference was , we were in public and everything is funnier in public AND with his mom watching us. When it comes to being with my grandson, my whole entire being concentrates on him and him alone so if someone is watching us being silly, I don’t really notice it , nor do I care.We went beyond silly tonight though, we were crying with laughter. I had a hard time to breath and did my best to control myself but oh my land, I looked up from hiding behind my napkin, saw these 2 little blue eyes just brimming with tears , saw the scrunched up face and blonde curly hair and just knew that he was having as much of a hard time controlling himself as I was …………and the rest is history. But it started off innocently enough with Justin going to toast some bread and I following along because you never know, there may be something interesting to see and sure enough, I deduced that my bread couldn’t be toasted because Justin was sucking all the heat from the grill for his own bread and leaving me with nothing , which amused him to no end. Just before he was ready to take his toasted bread back to the table I said ” Okay Junior, go ahead and leave your poor old grannie here with no heat, soggy bread ..” and I didn’t even get to finish my sentence because he left laughing. When he arrived back at the table, without me of course, , he laughingly tells his mother ” She called me Junior” . I finally get back to the table and we’re acting quite silly but nothing that would cause gut splitting laughter, until he did something that caused me to go into laughing convulsions. .. He is sitting across from his mother and along side of me, eating his pizza while his mom and I are talking about his schooling or something serious like that when all of a sudden he sits up perfectly straight back, makes this prissy tight lipped serious look , folds his hands on the table , does a little snotty head shake and says, very seriously ” Yes ? and what ?”………..I lost it. He lost it. His mother wasn’t too impressed at first but we were totally and completely out of control. Neither one of us could stop and we fed off each other. I did everything I could to maintain some sort of class but it was useless. I hid behind my napkin, I put my head on the table, I tried hiding behind my hands but there was nothing I could do , nor anything Krystal could say that could stop us. One look at him and I went straight back into peals of laughter as he did whenever he looked at me. I see, through my tears and runny nose, his tears of laughter and I hear, far off in the distance, Krystal quietly telling us to relax, calm down etc etc but eventually she gave up. I don’t know how many minutes we were out of control but I hurt & I still do .Finally we calmed down enough to finish eating . Then Justin said something that put the icing on the cake. He jabs his thumb towards me while saying to his Mom ” Ya gotta love this woman, ya just gotta love her “………oohhhhhhhhh my heart melted. I get a text from Krystal when they arrived home and I quote “he asked me to call him junior now. I’ve been calling him lil feller and he says to me …. Call me junior k? ” There is nothing, absolutely nothing on this planet that anyone can buy that could make me feel as wonderful as tonight


Brooklyn’s Diary Day ??????

I am so glad this week is over. I’ve been going full out , non stop all week and I’m bushwhacked tired. Between visiting and being babysat, Dr’s appointments and laundry,phone calls and texts, keeping the furnace stoked and helping with the shoveling, I’m about ready for a vacation . But the kicker was the growing. 2 inches and almost a pound of weight. That took a lot of energy let me tell you and until Gimmie showed up yesterday(?) , I was almost in tears.Thankfully, she worked things out for me and explained a few life’s mysteries. Don’t know if I believe it all but it sure was comforting to know that I with the growth and weight gain, I get a whole new wardrobe. Didn’t get cake of course, for some reason, these people just don’t like cake I guess but I can settle for a new wardrobe. Hope it includes new shoes , a gal can’t be seen out and about with a fantastic outfit and ugly shoes! Now they’re talking about a baptism for me . Gimmie explained what a baptism is and I told her to get my room ready because if I don’t get cake after a drowning attempt, then I am running away and going to her place. Just who do these people think they are?? My boss or something??….Now to choose a suitable swim suit for my dousing. Should have asked Gimmie to bring shampoo!.

A little boy, his Gimmie and brilliant ideas!

Spent yesterday with the grandson and what a day it was. Started off with lunch at a quaint little cafe in Charlo and ended up in a snowbank at the Sugarloaf park and everything in between was laughter and giggles ! As we’re eating and talking about silly things, Justin looks at me and in this sweet little boy voice says” Gimmie? Would you like to come over and play at my house this afternoon?”. Only a fool would refuse that and I ain’t no fool. So after lunch we headed over to his place, and of course, Justin and I have to make a game out of it so it was the last one there was a rotten egg & because I got out of the cafe first, I won. When we get to his house, there is a verbal kerfuffle between him and his Mom which ends up with me suggesting he come with me and walk to the cross country building and have hot chocolate & I would drive him home before the birthday party, so he got ready and away we went. Well, when Justin and I get together, I make up the silliest games and this time was no exception. From his house to my house was spent in guessing games and * I’M FIRST* games to which I have to admit, I lost them all. We have to make a stop at the grocery store to get bird seed & find that there is but one bag left, and it’s on the top shelf.I have Justin climb in the cart and he is just tall enough to read the bag, gets it, drops in the cart and as he’s jumping out, loudly proclaims ” Now THAT”S teamwork Gimmie”.. High fives all around!We feed the birds & the ducks and head out up the hill. Now this usually takes me anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, complete with stops to catch my breath. Yesterday it took us well over an hour & a half……to go up the hill. There was snow to jump in, trees to examine, squirrels to chase and snowballs to throw. Also, a first rate, snow packed ledge to walk on and in places to slide down. We got to one place where Justin was walking on the ledge, about 2 feet high, and making snarky but hilarious comments about him being so tall and me being sooooo short when he stopped dead in his tracks & fell silent. I thought maybe he saw something interesting like a squirrel or a lost mitten or pine cone and was just about to ask him what it was when he just spun around and like a big old dog, literally flopped in the snowbank while yelling at me ” GIMMIE LOOKIT WHAT I FOUND.. A CHAIR MADE JUST FOR ME”……..And lo and behold, he was right. The snow had collapsed when the plow went by and made a perfect snow chair, just the right size for a 9 year old boy. He asked me to try it out and with a helping hand, I crawled up on the bank and I was just about to sit when Justin slipped a bit, grabbed onto me to keep from falling which in turn, knocked me on my knees and I went sliding down the ledge onto the road.That’s when the laughter started and didn’t stop for another 2-1/2 hrs. He’s laughing, I’m laughing and when I stand up I turn to him and while dusting off my pants and straightening my hat I say ” YOU TRYING TO KILL ME YOUNG FELLA? YOU DON’T LIKE ME ANYMORE AND WANNA GET RID OF ME? WHAT IS THIS? KNOCK DOWN GIMMIE DAY OR SOMETHING?” I was just about to say”Good God Man” when I hear him snort, see him put up his hand and breathlessly,he begs me to stop because he is going to pee his pants. I could tell he was serious because he grabbed his crotch and started dancing around while laughing. We go no more than a few yards and find a little private spot for him to pee , which he does while I am the look out. I have my back to him 7 give him a running commentary on what’s going on ( no cars yet,chickadee at 3 o’clock etc etc) when I hear him let out a big sigh and giggling he tells me that I’m killing him, that one day I am going to make him laugh so much, he is going to explode. ( I take that as a compliment) . We stop at every little nook ‘n cranny in the snowbanks, and discover that squirrels make tunnels all over the place, birds poop all the time & cedar trees really stink in the winter. We also learned that snow is fully ripened & tastes best in February and Tree Squeaks live high in the trees, so high they can’t be seen by the naked eye.So we had a good time climbing the hill/mountain to the cross country lodge but it was coming down that was the best. A child’s mind is amazing and I feel that I am seeing the world again, for the first time, through Justin’s eyes. I don’t know if it’s because I am older and have more time and patience or if it’s because I’m older and have more time & patience, but whatever it is, it’s magical. Going to the Xcountry building is uphill all the way so of course, leaving is down hill, so the first little hill we come to when we leave the lodge, Justin stops and says ” Gimmie, do you think if I was to lie down, I could roll all the way to the bottom?”. Of course I answer with an ” I dunno sweetheart, why don’t you try ” and sure enough, he lies down & asks me to push him. I do and he rolls a few times and stops, then tells me to push him harder, so I comply and the poor lad doesn’t go much further when he realizes that he’s actually making himself roll, which isn’t fun in the least. He gets up, looks me square in the eyes and says with a shrug ” Well Gimmie, looks like that brilliant idea wasn’t too brilliant “. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. We continue on our way and a few yards later he discovers that the ledge on the opposite side of the road is higher AND not as wide so , up we go. Now, right next to this ledge is untouched snow. Soft looking white powdery snow. At least that’s the way it looked. Justin is in the lead and turns to me saying ” Hey Gimmie, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” …..” Of course Sweetheart ( pause)…..what are you thinking?”…. ” I”m thinking we should jump in this soft snow and I bet we could swim down the hill “… “hmmmmm …. okay , you go first Jus, and I’ll follow”… He crouches down, preparing for a cannonball jump and off he goes, springing upwards and stretching his body straight and BAM!!.. he comes down feet first, ending up waist high in soft powdery snow . Well I could not resist, I am cheering him on , telling him to ” SWIM SWEETHEART-SWIM LIKE A DOLPHIN ” all the while laughing my head off. After a lot of grunting and groaning and laughing and teasing, we finally get him out of the snow and he says ” Well, another brilliant idea that wasn’t so brilliant” . And as we are emptying his boots he looks at me, very innocently says” Why didn’t you tell me it wouldn’t work Gimmie” & I replied” “Well Sweetheart, I never tried it before, how did I know it wouldn’t work”.Smart ass Justin answers with ” Good answer Gimmie, good answer”. Now by this time we are down the first little hill and heading to the steep bugger where you have to be very careful where you walk because you can go from 0 – 60 in less than a second. I am pointing this out to him and showing him that if he sees the shiny places, it usually means it’s icy when he stops & puts his hand up for me to stop & I think he sees something, like a fox or crow or squirrel so I don’t stop but quietly catch up to him. I’m standing beside him being very still when he turns to me and says”Gimme, is your jacket slippery?”…(me)”Yeeeahhh, I think it is, why?”(Justin) ” Here’s what I’m thinking. What if you were to lie down on your stomach on the slippery part and I was to sit on your back. You put your hands up so I can steer you and we slide down this hill. Whaddya think Gimmie?”… Now what am I suppose to do, kill his ideas with common sense?? Hell no.. So I pause for a little bit, pretending I’m giving it some serious thought , put my hand up near my mouth and say Hmmmmm a few times while I watch his little face . His eyes are as big as saucers & he has that excited look on his face & I can see he is having a hard time waiting for my answer… Know what we found out? You can’t steer a Gimmie with just her hands. That’s right , we tried it, it did not work. Thing is, the icy part was only about 6 inches in length so I knew we wouldn’t go far but, he didn’t. And still doesn’t. All he knows is that Gimmie’s jacket isn’t slippery enough. We finally make it down this steep part and going round the turn to the 2nd steep hill when Justin decides that if MY jacket isn’t slippery enough, maybe his is. So , he comes up with this great idea. He will lie on his stomach and I will sit on HIS back etc etc. I quickly pointed out the flaws to that little idea & he is just about ready to concede when I see the light bulb go off. He gets this little smirk to his mouth , his nostril flare and his eyes just about pop out of their holes when he has a *brilliant* idea. ” GIIIIMMEEEEEEEEE… here’s what we’ll do.. I’ll lie on my stomach with my hands and feet up like sky divers do.. You grab my feet and give me a big big push and I’ll sky dive down the road”…. “BY GOD GRANDSON, INGENIOUS IDEA!!!”….Two pushes and 3 feet later Justin gets to his feet. ” You’re not very good at this are you Gimmie, if Gimpy was here, he’d be doing it better, he would push me harder and further” !!! (me) ” Then we will wait for Gimpy and see just how much better at it he is than I am “. We get to the bottom of this part and we are heading into a nice long but not too steep down hill and Justin slips. He skids on one knee while the other leg stretches outwards and that’s when it hits him, HE”S A ROCKER !!!! YEAH BABY…He takes off like a bullet, running about 20 feet & with both arms in the air, he skids on one knee while yelling ” I’M A ROCKER BABY”. He does this several times then asks me if I know any rock songs we could sing to his sliding.What better song than” We Built This City” by Jefferson Starship. Now I can’t sing worth a damn, in fact, cats throw things at me when I sing but kids don’t care if you can or can’t, as long as you try. And I tried. We yelled the song to the top of our lungs while Justin ran and skidded and ( according to him ) ‘ROCKED ON BABY’. You’d think we were at a concert. A few cars went by but we were in the zone and did not care on whit. Good times I tell ya, good times. All the way down this hill, Justin is skidding and singing and I”m singing and when he gets too far ahead of me, he runs back up and starts over from where I am so the kid hasn’t only gone down the hill, he’s gone down the hill several times. When we get to the flat part, the concert ends because we can no longer skid so it’s time to talk. I bet we didn’t go 5 feet when Justin discovered a hole in amongst the trees. Did you know that that is a perfect place to try out your throwing technique and aim capabilities? Yes it is. What else is there to do but find some snowballs and see just how poorly I am at throwing.There was one point in this game where Justin fell to his knees, taking me with him while begging me to stop making him laugh. Well, I am just the most horrible thrower ever and I’m actually telling him how badly I am doing when I feel this little pat on the back and I hear him say ” That’s okay Gimmie, you’re perfect in other stuff”. Took me quite a while to swallow that lump in my throat. Then we decided that we had better continue on & it was then that my heart almost exploded with pride and love and every emotion a grandmother could possibly go through. I realize that kids, especially boys, get to the age where saying ” I love you” is rather embarrassing so I never force the issue. I’ll tell him that I love him and he’ll reply with a ” me too ” or “yeah I know ” and I am happy with that but yesterday Justin did something that even an I LOVE YOU couldn’t come close. We jumped down from the ledge where we were throwing our snowballs from and of course, I’m about as agile as a one legged cat so I slipped and slid right on my ass , hitting the road with a thud. Justin lost it. He could barely breathe . His mouth is wide open, there are tears streaming down his face,his eyes are tightly closed and he is actually holding onto his belly & nothing is coming out of his mouth. Not a sound. It’s one of those laughs that causes pain because #1, you can’t breathe,#2 every muscles in your abdomen and back is tensed up because you can breathe #3,your lungs hurt because you’re not breathing. He can’t help himself , he falls down on his knees and is gasping. I play into it of course which causes more laughter, more pain and more gasping. Minutes go by & I just can’t let up, it’s too much fun watching him. ” Well isn’t that just a nice howdy doody eh? Your poor old grandma falls flat on her ass and all you can do is laugh!” and ” That’s okay young fella, leave me here sitting on my ass, my butt turning numb from the cold and you just keep on laughing , go ahead”. I don’t know how long this went on for but when it was almost over, when the laughter was almost all done, Justin comes over to me, drapes his arms around my neck, makes a big deep sigh and says ” Oh Gimmie, you are just the best” & for the next few hundred yards, this 9 year old, almost 10, boy, has his head leaning on my shoulder and he’s holding my hand with both of his all the time saying and giggling. ” you’re just the best Gimmie, you’re just the best”.Doesn’t get better than that. My heart still swells when I think of it. Then I get a text. Oh my god it’s from his mother and she is done shopping and is going to pick him up. Well that’s not good, because there’s a treat for him in the van , which I can’t tell you about because his mom will read this and one of us will get a scolding and the other will be grounded and I’m not fond of being grounded, however, I can give you a hint, the name on the wrapper is Hersey’s.. You should have seen the look on our faces. Pure panic. We’re at least another 5-10 minute walk from the van and she’s about a 2 minute drive from us so, we took off as though the devil was chasing us. Justin is screaming at me to hurry up and I’m screaming back that I can’t run as fast as him and he’s getting far ahead of me. Now I am certainly not in any shape to be running. At least, not at this speed and I slowed down rather quickly but I tried at least keep it to a jog while trying NOT to hack up a lung but it just wasn’t working so I had to stop to catch my breath. Justin is about 50 feet from me, when he turns around he sees me gasping for air while trying to walk. He starts to walk backwards while cheering me on and this is what my 9 year old grandson said ” C’MON WOMAN, MAKE THOSE LITTLE LEGS GO….I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT…FASTER FASTER WOMAN, YOU CAN DO IT, LETS SEE YOU PUT SOME EFFORT IN IT”. Now let’s be honest here, you can’t run when you’re laughing and that was as funny as all get out, I had no choice, I had to stop. He runs back to me , asking me what’s wrong & I’m trying to tell him when he puts his hand up and hurriedly says” Never mind that, here’s what to do. Text Mom back and send her to a different rendezvous, like say Wal-Mart. She’ll go there, wait about 10 minutes for us and by that time , we’ll get rid of *Hersey* and she’ll never know”.And I’m thinking -RENDEZVOUS- WHAT 9 YEAR OLD SAYS RENDEZVOUS??.. Well I am still gasping for breath but we are at least walking and he takes off again, I can’t keep up so he comes back to see if holding my hand and dragging me down the road would help but it doesn’t. Then we see his mother’s van. Justin turns to me and I kid you not, in a panic stricken voice says ” Holy crap what’ll we do now?”.. I yell”DON’T LOOK AT THEM , DON’T EVEN MAKE EYE CONTACT”, while holding my hand up to the side of my face like blinders & Justin imitates me. So the two of us are walking quickly on the side of the road, our faces turned towards the woods and using our hands as blinders but, it didn’t help, they knew it was us. We did convince them that perhaps they should take a drive up to the cross country building to see what it was like and that we’d meet them when they came down because ….and here is where brilliance comes in….. * we had something to do* ! I saw the look on Krystal’s face, she knew we were up to something, she just didn’t know what. Well, they left but we still had at least another few minutes or so and that would be walking at a normal pace, and even then, that still wouldn’t give us time to complete our task so off we go again, at a run. I didn’t last 100 feet when I finally gave up. The van was in sight so I gave Justin the keys, told him to go on ahead and I’d meet him there. He took the keys and all the way to the van, I hear him yelling encouragement to me only this time he’s calling me Gimmie !!! Sadly, we could only complete 1/2 the task but the other 1/2 is waiting for another day! His parents picked him up and I came home, still chuckling and smiling at my wonderful afternoon. Woke up this morning stiff and sore and feeling the effects of acting like a 9 year old in a 59 year old body but ohhhhh what a delicious feeling!.

Brooklyn’s Diary- Day 11-12-13 etc etc….

All the days are melding into a blur of one loooonnng day. I am so busy that if I could stand on my own two feet, I’d be run ragged! Between Dr’s appointments and visitors and diaper changes and baths and manis-/pedis, I have lost complete track of time. I don’t know if it’s day or night or yesterday or Tuesday. I wake, I get my bottom changed, eat and next thing I know, I’m going somewhere or doing something. Why just the other day, I helped my Dad put wood in the furnace and kept Mom company while she tried to sleep. Such a hectic life I am living. There was a break in all this madness though. Gimmie came for a visit yesterday and I’m wondering if she isn’t a teller of tall tales because she told me something that is way out there.. She told me that when I get older, I will have *teeth* come in and then I’ll lose those and a tiny little fairy in a fluffy skirt and sparkles , carrying a magic wand, will steal those teeth but leave me money under my pillow ( see image above for reaction).. C’mon now.. I lost my bellybutton and there was no cake, no fireworks, no glitter, no celebration of any kind, not even an * Atta Girl* ,and some *fairy* is going to steal my teeth and give me money!?!?!?! I’ll believe it when I see it . ..heard her and Mom talking about me fussing the other night. Tried to get it across to them that I wasn’t fussing, me and my peeps were having a party because NO ONE CARED ABOUT MY BELLY BUTTON !! I was some happy that my insides didn’t leak out or that I didn’t fly around the room like a balloon so I was expecting at least a pat on the back, but sadly, nada. I waited and waited for some recognition of a job well done and not a whisper so, what’s a girl to do but give herself a Falling Off Belly Button ( FOBB) party and let me tell you,we partied well into the early morning hours & I am not ashamed to say that a good time was had by all. Even Mr Bear & Mz Bunny were getting a bit loud. Mom and Dad weren’t too happy but hey, their fault for totally ignoring such a milestone in my life !.. Heard some rumours about a booster shot..Alrighty then. First my belly button falls off, then I have the loss of teeth to look forward to and now someone is going to shoot at me?? I’m not sure I’m enjoying this one damn bit. Now I’m not street wise by any stretch of the imagination, heck, I haven’t even BEEN on the street yet but I am pretty sure this booster shot deal isn’t going to be a pleasant event & by the lack of celebrations for my other milestones, I seriously doubt if I’ll be having cake. This calls for a serious discussion with my cousin Justin or Gimmie. I know they’ll fill me in, although I’ll question the validity of what Gimmie says. We shall see. .. Weekend is upon us and I have a booked schedule. Going to be dead dog tired come Monday.

Brooklyn’s Diary-Day 9

I think I’ve figured out this belly button thing. Took me most of the night and all today but I’m pretty sure I have it worked out.  I think there is a belly button fairy, much like the Tooth Fairy  and when my belly button falls off, the Belly Button Fairy [BBF] gives me a  big party with cake & money & food & family & balloons & fireworks and the party lasts a whole day and most of the night. At least that’s what I am hoping. It’s the only logical explanation to the excitement surrounding my belly button falling off. And if I’m wrong about this, then I’m running away from home!!!  I don’t want to hang around with people who get so much joy out of me losing valued body parts ……..Tomorrow I have to figure out what’s so interesting in my ears because if Kaia isn’t licking them, then Mommie is poking at them and Daddy is examining them. And if I even get a small hint that THEY are going to fall off. I’m calling Gimmie to come get me cause I know SHE has super glue……a good nights sleep is what is desperately needed now so I can think this whole ear thing through rationally..!

Brooklyn’s Diary. Day 8

Okay, so I get up this morning and things don’t look any different except I still have my belly button which is good. I still haven’t figured it all out yet and I can’t find the super glue because if it’s not in my immediate vicinity, I can’t see it but I thought for sure my 4 legged BFF would at least lend a helping paw but she didn’t. She ate and sniffed and slept in front of me and then licked my head and my feet . Apparently she’s on diaper duty. Now from what I gather, if she sniffs my butt and doesn’t fall dead away in a faint, I keep my clothes on but if she gags and makes choking sounds, my clothes come off and my bottom is cleaned, wiped and diapered. Had nothing else to do today so I found myself holding in my farts until Kaia came sniffing around, then I let a big smelly old rancid one go & sure enough, the clothes came off and my bottom exposed but it was a false alarm. HA HA HA!! I can tell Kaia and I are going to have a good time together. Now if I can only get her to find the super glue. . Slept like a baby last night and hoping for the same thing tonight…Can’t wait for tomorrow though as I continue to ponder this belly button thing as I feel like I am on the edge of an answer. Maybe another nights sleep will help. Hope so.

Brooklyn’s Diary Day 7

Started out the day with a nice tummy filling breakfast and a nap and then it went down hill from there. I overheard that my belly button is going to fall off gasp emoticon …………I am quite concerned to be honest. Is it going to fall off and my innards are going to spew forth from where my belly button was? Or is it going to fall off and have to be glued back on? Or will it fall off and I’ll go flying around the room like an instantly deflated balloon?? And WHY is it going to fall off ?? I don’t think I like this one bit, I’ve become quite attached to my belly button… This is quite a conundrum I’m in so I spent the day sleeping on it and still have no answers…They say things look better in the morning . I sure hope so because it’s not looking good tonight!!!.. So we’ll see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, I’ve got to find a way to either get answers or super glue because I’m not giving up anything without a fight !

Brooklyn’s Diary-Day 6

Ooofff, I am so tired that I swear, tomorrow, I’m not doing a damn thing but sleeping…alllllll day!!!
I didn’t sleep well last night, was up every 3 hours , too excited for visitors & couldn’t wait to get to planning our strategy, so I had a middle of the night snack , had my bottom cleaned and changed and after a little Daddy snuggle, I was ready for bed!! Morning came soon enough and after breakfast it was cuddle time with the folks and my BFF who was as excited as I was . I had a quick visit from a close family friend and after a wee power nap, Gimmie showed up and into her arms I went. She explained to me that Justin would be along a little later and I was to give him the details of our plans. So while the folks thought Gimmie and I were rocking and I was snoozing, we were actually prioritizing. #1 on the agenda is finding the perfect launch site and #2, getting the perfect vessel. Right now there are just the 3 of us, not enough for a crew , so Gimmie, Justin and I are going to recruit a few extras. We think about another 5 should suffice. We’ll work that out once we get everything into place. First though, the launching site and we can only do that once the ice is out so as soon as that happens,the 3 of us will head on down to the wharf and find the spot. But in the meantime, Gimmie and Justin are going to see what they can find for a ship!! Once that was taken care of, I pulled a good stunt on Gimmie… I stuck my finger out and she pulled it…. I farted and farted and laughed. You’d think by her age she’d have caught on eh? ? nope, not at all… Then it was snack time.. Oh my god I was starved. It takes a lot of energy to prioritize … and be photographed. I didn’t think she was ever going to put that darn thing down … The rocking and talking really got to me and I was out like a light… Gimmie says that I fell asleep in self defense because her singing sucks…. I think she was right grin emoticon Next thing I know JUSTIN ‘S HERE !! And Aunt Krystal and Uncle Robert. I never met Uncle Robert before. I had to look up to him, waaayyy up. The next few hours were just a blur but I did manage to get a few private moments in with Justin and explained to him what is going on. We are not only cousins but great friends as well. I was adored and cooed over and kissed and snuggled & then it was off to the hospital for a quick check up then back home again for more cuddles… Said my goodbyes to the family which I must admit, they have a hard time to do. Personally, I was just too wiped out and all I wanted was supper , bath, body massage and bed. & thank you very much, that is exactly what I got. So tomorrow, it’s my day off. I have serious sleeping plans, much like today , only without the visitors grin emoticon…Ahhhhh , days off are so lovely

Brooklyn’s Diary- Day 5.

Brooklyn’s Diary- Day 5.
I….GOT….A ….DOG !!!!! I have wanted a dog my whole entire life and .. I .. GOT… A …. DOG 🙂 Went home late yesterday afternoon and there waiting by the door was this most beautiful English Springer Spaniel AND she’s mine. I have a BFF !!.. Oh my gawd I am so excited. Her name is Kaia ( Kye yah) and the minute she laid eyes on me, she fell madly in love and vice versa. Before I showed up, Daddy brought home a receiving blanket that I was wrapped in so Kaia would be familiar with my scent and she knew it was me the minute we stepped in the door. Her tail was wagging & she had the biggest smile on her face. Yesterday was quite a busy day, what with moving and saying good-bye and then discovering that I HAVE A DOG and settling in at home, I was dead tired so last night we hit the hay pretty early and to be honest, I slept like a baby! An early breakfast and Kaia and I got to know one another. She’s a tad loud at times but that’s okay, so am I, so we make a perfect couple. She is not too fond when I *cry* but that’s because she’s not familiar with baby speak as I am not fluent in doggie language but we’ll get there. I have found out that she knows where the treats are kept and as soon as I get on my feet, look out, we’ll be a force to be reckon with. Thoroughly enjoyed being in my own house though. There really isn’t anyplace like home. Had a wonderful lunch, a little nap, and got to meet the two giant pillars , aka hockey players, that are billeted here. Enormous lads that I’ll have wrapped around my little finger within days !! Tomorrow is going to be a whirlwind of excitement and I bet I’ll be awake every 3-4 hours , just chomping at the bit to get the day started. Cousin Justin, Aunt Krystal , Uncle Robert and Gimmie are coming down for a visit. I can’t wait. Justin , Gimmie ,myself and Kaia have a some serious planning to do and I’m hoping we’ll be able to hit a few places at the wharf to choose the perfect spot to set sail once the ice is gone. So another early night for me, I certainly don’t want to be half asleep as we scout the area ..!!!

Brooklyn’s Diary Day 4

UUggghh, what a night and such an emotional day. I am dead tired. I bet I was up every 3-4 hours. If it wasn’t a wet bottom it was a hungry belly.Could also be stress related as well, as it was moving day. There was just so much to do and I am so amazed at the stuff you can collect in a matter of days; onesies, diapers, cream, stuffed critters, flowers ,cards etc etc, just incredible. I shudder to think what it’ll be like when I’m thousands of days old. Had a power nap before lunch which was desperately needed and lunch was delish!! Kudos to the chef…. This afternoon it was off to the spa for a mani/pedi and full body massage. Not too impressed with the mani/pedi I must say. Was kinda hoping for a little glitz on the nails but I guess when it’s free, you take what you get. But the bath and full body massage, Ooooooo my goodness, I sooooooo needed that. Did NOT want it to stop. Had a little scare though, heard one of the nurses/esthetician tell my Mommie and Daddy that they don’t have to bath me every day , I couldn’t believe my ears.. WHAT???… but then she said that a quick wipe with a cloth and then oil or lotion would suffice. I heaved a deep sigh of relief because the oil/lotion is the best part ..I could feel the tension leaving my body by the time my feet were being done. Highly recommend it..Now it’s time to get ready and head off home.. I am on an emotional roller coaster. From the highs of finally leaving this place, I feel like I’ve been here my entire life, to the deepest of lows for leaving my friends, some of them life long friends , one of which is my cousin, a nurse who was there when I was born…I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m crying like a baby right now. I’m just so emotionally wiped out that I just want to eat and sleep.. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more bright eyed and bushy tailed.